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LMK are the world leaders in design and manufacture of the Thermosafe Induction Drum Heater and Flexible Heating Jackets, supplying more than 45 countries. 

For the most up to date product information, including USA contact details, please view our alternate web sites at http://www.inteliheat.co.uk and http://www.drumheating.com

Our drum heaters have been designated as the solution of choice in many multi-national companies, for individual drum heating applications as well as replacements for large steam heated ovens. 

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Inventor of the patented and proven  Thermosafe Induction Drum Heater:




Safer than conventional band or ring heaters - no heating elements.
Zones 1 and 2 hazardous area certification - with ATEX and IECEx approval for potentially explosive gases and dusts.
Heats any steel drum, barrel, container, gas bottle or process vessel.
Quicker than conventional drum ovens - case study cost reductions of 92%.
Maintenance free, virtually unlimited life, no radiant heater elements to break.
Waterproof - hose-down even in use, with IP66 (encapsulated) rating.
Operates from standard single phase electricity supply.

Self limiting temperature control.

Manufacturer of LMK Flexible Heating Jackets:

   IBC Heaters for frost protection and warming        LMK Insulated Drum Heating Jackets are energy efficient alternativse to traditional band heaters        Our High Power Flexible Drum Heater can replace box ovens                     

Replace energy greedy silicone band and barrel heaters.
Insulation keeps the heat in the container, not wasted into the air.
Suitable for plastic, fibre and metal containers including IBC's and totes.
Variety of sizes and power ratings from 5 litre pot to 1000 litre IBC heaters.
Adjustable or fixed temperature thermostats from anti-frost to 180 C
Silicone insulated spiral wound elements


LMK is fully BS EN ISO 9001(2008) certified 

Products have been supplied to over 40 countries since 1985, & used by major companies including Unilever, GlaxoSmithKlein, Astra Zeneca, Rhodia, Castrol, ICI, Roche, Dunlop, Coates, Procter & Gamble, Rentokil, Exxon.

Project payback is frequently only months when replacing traditional heating systems due to energy cost reductions and increased productivity.


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FOR USA AND CANADA, please view our alternate web site at http://www.drumheating.com
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9-10 Moonhall Business Park, Helions Bumpstead Rd, Haverhill, Suffolk, CB9 7AA England

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